Support Us

Thank You

The Guild of S. Mary & S. Anne is a registered charity (charity no 509374).

We thank all donors, past and present, for their support.  We simply could not have achieved all we have without you.

We are grateful for the commitment so many have already made to the charity through regular contributions or one-off gifts, but we must keep planning for the future and every gift, no matter its size, makes a difference.

Ongoing financial support is imperative to the future of the Guild.

Regular or one off donations can be made in a variety of ways. Donations can be made online (Paypal/credit card), bank transfer, bankers order or cheque. You can also consider making a gift to the Guild in your Will.

Easy Ways to Give to the Guild:

On line Giving

There are several ways in which you can make a gift but making a donation online is the easiest.

Donate Via PayPal:

or   (Guild of St. Mary & St. Anne Special Charitable Trust)

Cheque, bankers order or bank transfer

You can donate by sending a cheque, setting up a bank standing order or making a direct bank transfer.

For all three of the above options please complete this Support Us Contact Form and then you will be provided with the appropriate information. By using a standing order you can help spread your payments over the course of the year and also provide a regular income stream to one of the Guild Funds.

Gift Aid

As the Guild is a registered charity, donations can be made tax efficiently with the reclaimed tax adding to the Guild’s funds through gift aid.  In this way we can claim an additional 25p for each £1 donated at no extra cost to you.


Gifts to the Guild included in your Will are in most instances tax free, so the gift is deducted from the value of the estate before tax liability is calculated. If you leave 10% or more of your taxable estate to charity then you could qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax. If you are interested in leaving a legacy gift please contact the Guild Treasurer for more information. Email