Guild of S. Mary and S. Anne

The Guild was formed in 1884, ten years after the school first opened, and is the alumni association for the former students and staff of Abbots Bromley School, formerly the School of S. Mary & S. Anne.

Written in 1889 but still true today, “The aim of the Guild is to unite those who have gone out of the schools of S. Anne and S. Mary in such a bond of fellowship as shall form a link between themselves and the school for life.”

A key aim of the Guild is to keep former students and staff in touch with each other and the school. We have more than 3,000 members worldwide and the Guild hosts and supports reunions and social events all over the UK and abroad, providing a lifetime of friendship and a worldwide network of contacts.

In 1979, the Guild obtained charitable status and over the years the aims of the Guild have widened. The Guild operates a General Fund, a Pastoral Fund, a Chapel Fund and an Educational Fund. These funds have enabled us to support our members in difficult times, support the upkeep of S. Anne’s Chapel and provide scholarships.

Notwithstanding the very sad closure of the school in 2019, as a separate registered charity, the Guild of S. Mary & S. Anne will continue to exist regardless of the school’s future.